fact sheets

Business Model Rail Transport

I have developed a business model for rail transport to understand coherence and dependencies between transport – infrastructure, and between utilisation – costs – earnings – subsidies. It is based on realization information and therefore calibrated to the Dutch situation, but also applies to other countries and companies. The model offers interesting insights for experts and decision makers in the rail sector and politics. The fact sheet provides a brief description of the model and a few interesting insights.

Essence of Asset Management

Based on the definition in the English PAS 55 standard, I have developed a model that makes clear what is needed to manage the performance and costs of assets explicitly and in relation to each other. The model applies to the exploitation and investment phase, but the processes then proceed fundamentally differently. More information can be found in the factsheet.

Growth model for asset management

The way in which asset management has developed at ProRail is a jumble of steps: forward, backward, sometimes focused but often forced by circumstances. It was powered by available knowledge, expertise and skills. The development proceeded in phases and each phase created the conditions for the next phase. The development is well summarized in the organic growth model that I developed. It shows that asset management is not a technique for a group of maintenance specialists, but a culture change that encompasses the entire sector.

Maintenance: outsourcing experiences and optimized process

Outsourcing of maintenance is not a condition for asset management and is not a solution for financial or managerial problems. It places high demands on all parties involved and the risks are considerable, but if it succeeds, better performance will be delivered for lower costs. That is because the effectiveness and efficiency of the maintenance has been greatly improved, interesting for every asset and maintenance manager, regardless whether the maintenance is outsourced or not.